Currently, all board and train program open spots have been filled until the end of the year. We are not able to take on any additional training clients.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  Thank you.

Great Lakes Canine Services, LLC offers balanced training programs combining a variety of tools and methods. We believe in a balanced approach to dog training with positive reinforcement being at the core of teaching a dog new commands and new behaviors.

Great Lakes Canine Services, LLC offers two main training programs – the Gold 10-Day Board & Train Program and the Platinum 17-Day Board & Train Program.

The Gold Program includes your dog’s stay and foundation training, follow-up sessions and training tools needed. With the foundation obedience program, we are working mainly on proper loose leash walking, the “place” command where the dog learns the boundary of a place cot (which helps with impulse control, calmness and controlling one’s energy), solid recalling, general rules and boundaries like no jumping, sitting and waiting while doors are being opened, etc. Ultimately, we want to know what your training goals are and would talk more in depth about that at your free consultation so we are able to address any concerns you may have about your dog. The program is designed to give your dog a clear foundation in the training, but as with any type of training, it will be up to you to continue maintaining what your dog has been taught. This is achievable with one-on-one instruction during your first session when your dog goes home and through your follow-up training sessions. Not only is it important to train the dog, but it is equally as important to instruct and “train” the client so to speak. Great Lakes Canine Services focuses training not only within the home but also out in the real world among distractions. Many dogs do well at home but as soon as their owners take them outside of the house, many dogs lose focus; therefore, it is important to also train outside, in public, at stores, etc.

The Platinum Program is designed for dogs that have serious behavioral issues and will need more time and work versus what the Gold Program can offer.

Please Click Here to view videos and posts of our past and/or present client dogs in training.

*A consultation is required before a training program is scheduled.

GOLD PROGRAM – $1,599 (tax included)
10-Day Boarding & Training


3 Private 1-Hour Sessions


Training Tools Needed
PLATINUM PROGRAM – $1,999 (tax included)
17-Day Boarding & Training


2 Private 1-Hour Sessions


Training Tools Needed 


40 x 30 Place Cot